Community Services

Police, Ambulance, Bomberos (Fire)

Pro Sayulita provides key amenities including office rental, vehicles and upkeep needed for Sayulita’s team of first responders.


Pro Sayulita works with Firefighters Crossing Borders to provide training and equipment (towers, rescue boards, floats and fins) for the Lifeguard team in Sayulita.
This action saves lives


Pro Sayulita funds and operates a Recycling Depot in Sayulit


Pro Sayulita develops plans and liaises with Municipal, Transito and State officials in order to help decrease traffic saturation and clear streets during key busy times within the town.  We are currently providing traffic wardens to help keep the traffic flow moving. This project needs more funding. 

Public Health Clinic (Salud)

Pro Sayulita organizes and delivers key medical supplies when necessary.


Pro Sayulita liaises with local groups as well as the State to engage in sidewalk enlargement, tree planting and other initiatives designed to enhance the appearance of the town.

Pueblo Magico

Sayulita is rapidly growing and now that we have this new Pueblo Magico designation our infrastructure is being challenged. Pro Sayulita is working with Pueblo Magico to successfully complete a number of projects to improve the town and deal with growth.

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