Fundraising, Donations + Not-For-Profit Status

Pro Sayulita resources some of its initiatives by organizing Fundraisers each year, but relies on a committed base of Members, Homes, Businesses and Volunteers, to enable it to respond to Sayulita’s ever-changing needs and priorities.

Mail a check made out to Friends of Sayulita to
MountainOne Bank, 93 Main Street,
North Adams, MA 01247, USA.
Reference account #305248743
Wire Transfer:
MountainOne Bank,
Routing number 211871015,Account number 305248743

**Membership in Grupo Pro Sayulita is NOT included in any donations to the Infrastructure Fund.​ Membership can be paid by going to the DONATE page under Become a Pro Sayulita Member.
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  • The 501(c)(3) also enables supporters to include Friends of Sayulita in Estate Planning -- a new option for giving that offers many tax advantages for donors. For more info re: estate planning, please Contact Us.

  • Friends of Sayulita is an organization under the umbrella of the Pro Sayulita group, formed two years ago, with the goal of obtaining non-profit status in the U.S. In October 2013 it received its 501(c)(3) designation.

  • Our non-profit status allows donors to deduct their contributions to Friends of Sayulita, which can include both financial and property donations.

Special Projects (All prices in USD)

$50 Purchase one ticket for MARCH 29 FIESTA
$100 Purchase two tickets for MARCH 29 FIESTA
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