Water Testing

Pro Sayulita engages professionals to collect and test water in numerous river and ocean locations in Sayulita. Levels are tracked and reported to relevant water treatment, business and environmental groups, in order to inform various water remediation efforts.


Pro Sayulita is a supporter of this organization.  We pay their rent and help with spay and neuter clinics which run both out of the SayulitAnimal facility itself, and also in neighbouring areas away from the town. These clinics typically spay and neuter up to 60+ dogs and cats, and now occur multiple times per year.

Campamento Tortuguero (Turtle Protection, Rescue + Release)

Pro Sayulita, in concert with a host of other donors, contributes funds that are used to relocate turtle nests to a protected nursery where they can be monitored until hatchlings are ready for release. Donations also support educational outreach to locals, tourists and area schools.

Vigilantes de Profepa

Pro Sayulita provides administrative support plus hand-held, 2-way radios to this unique group which identifies, documents and determines the extent of the various environmental violations found within the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems within and surrounding the town of Sayulita.


Pro Sayulita supports this organization with funding for specific projects.  

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