Those individuals, residents and/or property owners who pay their membership dues each year can vote (one Membership = one Vote) and attend the AGM (Annual General Members Meeting).  Please see the DONATE page to update your membership dues.

Through the generosity of each of our members, Sayulita is a safer and more attractive place to live and vacation. To everyone who contributes — in ANY way, big or small — a HUGE Muchas Gracias!

We realize our current records regarding members may not be complete. If you are a member and have been overlooked, please Contact Us so we can add your name to this list and give you the recognition you deserve!
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MEMBERS LIST as of 7/13/2017

Ackermann Johann and Ann Menke
Andersen Janet
Andersen Max
Anderson Karen K
Ashwell Carol and Higgs Tom
Austin Neil James
Avalos Sonia
Beckett David
Belcher Val & Jon
Benitez Cristina & Richard Carlson
Berling Robert
Biro Jeff
Biro Jenna
Block Britton
Bot Megan
Brill Jesse
Broderick Mary
Bruno Christopher and Dale
Buchanan Iris
Buffetrille Marie-Paule
Burrous Karen & Paul & Tull Linda & Greg
Burrous Suzette
Burton Peter
Carroll Benjamin
Carroll Posie & Don Sanders
Cartal Joan
Casazza Martha & Larry
Caselin Jose Luis
Castillon Gina
Cavanagh Marcie
Cawrse Amy
Cawrse John
Chacon Alonso
Chapman Dennis & Anne
Chevailer Andrea
Chivers Jennifer
Clark Connie
Clenaghen Jack
Clenaghen Patricia
Costello Mary
Culbertson, Susan
Culp Jennifer and GAry
Daniels Lucas
Deyermond Calvin and Donna
Dolinka Marve and Mary
Dorsett Ed
Draper Karen
Dreyer Nina
Duff Dennis
Dumont Barry
Easterly Catherine
England-Markun Mark
England-Markun Meredith
Felice Frank
Fernandez Gabe
Fernandez Julie and Gabe
Figge James
Figge Sandra
Flores Verdusco Josef
Foley Lucy
Frank Clan
Frank Joan
Frankforth Derek
Gallander Bette
Gann Cassie
Gignac Paula
Gignac Paula
Gillett John and Michelle
Gillispie Ian
Gillispie Smith Cynthia
Glennon Georgia
Gravelle Suzanne
Greber Robert and Judy
Green Sara
Green Sara
Griffith Marlee
Hainstock Lyn
Harkness Richard
Hasburgh Patrick and Sheri
Haas Susan
Hazzi Jose
Heath Stephen
Helms Summer
Hernandez Luz Maria & Hanratty Teresa
Hilderbrand Lynne & Dyckhouse Abbey
Hodge, Ian & Kerry
Holland Chip
Hollland Teresa
Hovis Angela and Mike
Howe Tommy
Jacobs Paul
Janson Ernst and Jeffrey Rusty
Jolley Octavia
Jones Graciela and James John
Jones Jack
Kerbeben Nicolas
Kirkpatrick Kerry
Kirkpatrick Kerry and Mike
Knittel Charlie and Joan
Knott Gordon
Koch Tamra and Theo
Kortegast Bede
Kruse Sandra J
Lawler Jenny & Garry
Lazaro Carolyn and Fernando
Lieberum Jack
Lind Lynn and Gary
Livingston Carol
Ludwig Mike
Lysens Ruben
Maccara Sue-Ann and Scott
MacDonald Brady
Maiz Laura
Manly Robert
Marichalar Terrie
Marietta Marty
Marshall Kirsten
McAtee Daniel
McClure Mary Beth
McElhenney Thomas
McGlyn Bill and Julie
McGrath Bob and Scattie
Melang Renessa
Mershon Julie
Moeller Enrique
Moeller Hilda or Steiman Eric
Moeller Janet
Mohill Teke and Chuck
Murphy Jack and Jeanette
Murray Terrance
Naubert Deb
Nelson Marisis
Newell Robert
Nickolaus Randy & Pretzinger Katie
Ochoa Jose
Palle Christina
Palmer Gail and Sam Pottinger
Parillo Nick
Parker Janice
Perez Liliana
Perkins Leslie
Plush Catering
Porter Damien
Pulver Debora
Randolph Lorraine & Marc
Reichert Beth
Roche Barbara
Rodriguez Ruben & Monica
Rodriguez Ruben & Monica
Rodrizuez Ramon
Roman Mitch and Weissman Lina
Rosager Veronica & Ron
Ross Tim
Rothenberg Ivette
Royem Aundrey
Rudd Eric and Barbara
Saale Dee
Salim Jose
Sanders Chris
Sargent Zach
Sayulita Bookings/B Roche/Deb and Art Naubert
Sayulita Bookings/B Roche/Oswaldo Vallejo
Sayulita Bookings/Barbara Roche
Scarlett Robert
Schock Mayra & Aaron
Schumacher Steve
Schwartz Bambi & Ed
Schwerin Ilene and Hernandez Sharon
Scott Marcos
Selzer Carol
Sherman Nick
Smith Sandra
Sparling Charles
Sparling Presha
Stark Dana
Szikszoy Ramels Jackie and Ramels Steve
Taylor Billie
Taylor Timothy
Thomas Jeanna
Truttman Tracie
Turrell Terry
Van Eckert Ingrid & Blumenthal John
Van Limbeek Denise
Van Rheen Valorie
Vaughn Cheryl
Villarubia Andrea and Gabby
Vinge Charles
Wampler Mike
Wathen Galen
West Dee and Bev
West Holly
Westman Liz and Al
Willis Tracie
Wojciak Robert

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