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Pro Sayulita

Pro Sayulita is a volunteer organization with the stated goals of improving the safety, cleanliness and community building within Sayulita. We utilize volunteer hours, donations and in kind contributions of residents and visitors of Sayulita.

ProSayulita is working every day to improve the Safety, Cleanliness, and the Communication within our town. We are working with local partners to determine how we, as a holistic diverse community, can address the needs of the entire town. We focus our efforts by supporting those groups within the town with specific missions and asking, “how can we help?”

Part of our mission is to adapt and change. We must learn from our past in order to better effect our future.

This is a list of what we currently support, directly and indirectly.

  • Policia Turistica State Police
  • Proteccion Civil, Ambulance and Fire brigade
  • SayuLimpia (local beach clean up, trash trap maintainance, Playa Muertos certification)
  • Sayulita Recicla
  • SayulitAnimals
  • Campamento Tortugas
  • Vigilantes de Ambiente
  • Casa de Cultura
  • Playground for Sayulita

Our long term goal is to work within the town to foster the creation of a long term civic plan to address the immeduiate and pending issues of our town; green space, traffic, water quality, and sustainable environmentally sensitive growth.

There are several ways to support Sayulita, however to support our existing programs that support you as a visitor, a full time resident, or we home or business owner, Pro Sayulita needs financial support above all else.  We’ve created several payment options for our supporters to fund Pro Sayulita annually.  If one of these options isn’t a fi for you and what you’d like to donate, please visit our open donation page and specify any donation amount you wish

Friends and Visitors to Sayulita


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Rentals & Business

Payment options
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